Montazah Palace_ Egypt Light Tours (2)

Montazah Palace

Montazah Palace is the last royal palace built during the pirod of the Muhammad Ali family , one of the most beautiful royal palaces in Egypt. and one of the most important landmarks of Alexandria, where the palace is located east of Alexandria directly on the sea coast. The site of the palace was chosen…

The Qaitbay Citadel- Egypt Light Tours.. (2)

Citadel of Qaitbay

Qaitbey Citadel is one of the most effective defensive castles on the Mediterranean coast, located east of Pharos Island in Alexandria. This Citadel was built by the Mamluk Sultan Al-Ashraf Abou Anasr Saif El-Din Qaitbay El-Jerkasy Al-Zahiry in 1477 to protect the northern borders of Egypt from the attacks of the Ottomans. Ibn Iyas said…

Alexandria city- Egypt Light Tours (7)

Alexandria City

Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt and is called the Bride of the Mediterranean Sea. It is considered the largest port in Egypt. The History of Alexandria City The city of Alexandria was founded in 333 BC by Alexander the Great, as he commanded the Greek engineer Dinocrates to build this city, where…

Beni Hassan- Egypt Light Tours (6)

Beni Hassan Necropolis

Beni Hassan Necropolis is located on the eastern bank of the Nile River in Minya Governorate. The usage of this place for burial dates back to the Middle Kingdom period (2055 to 1650 BC). These tombs belong to regional rulers and military leaders. The site includes 39 tombs carved in a limestone hill. Excavations in…

Tuna El-Gebel- Egypt Light Tours (3)

Tuna El Gebel

Tuna El Gebel is located to the west of El-Ashmunin city in Minya. It was the center for worshipping the god Thoth or Djhuty, the god of wisdom in ancient Egyptian mythology. King Akhenaten used the city when he transferred the capital of ancient Egypt from Thebes to Akhetaten (Tell el-Amarna), as he put a…

Tell El-Amarna - Egypt Light Tours

Tell El-Amarna

Tell El-Amarna is located 12 km southwest of Minya. It was the capital of ancient Egypt during the reign of King Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) in the 18th dynasty, New Kingdom. It was called in that time with Akhetaten. Tell El-Amarna became the capital of ancient Egypt after King Amenhotep IV became king of Egypt and…

Minya City- Egypt Light Tours (2)

Minya City

Minya is considered one of the most important cities in Upper Egypt. It is located halfway between the north and south of Egypt, 246 km from Cairo. It includes many archaeological sites dating back to ancient Egyptian history, Coptic and Islamic monuments. Minya was the capital of ancient Egypt during the period of King Amenhotep…

Temple of Abydos - Egypt Light Tours (1)

Seti I Temple in Abydos

The city of Abydos is located on the western bank of the Nile, north of Luxor. It is considered one of the most important ancient Egyptian cities because the ancient Egyptians believed that the god Osiris, the god of the dead, was buried there, so the ancient Egyptians were keen to visit Abydos as a…